Why Timber Frame?

Why Timber Frame?

There are a number of contributing factors that work in timber frame’s favour, particularly where cost and efficiency is concerned.

No other building method is so simple, versatile and cost-effective.

Timber Frame construction is a method of building that uses a timber frame as the basic means of structural support. Factory manufactured timber frames guarantee the highest level of accuracy and quality and significantly simplifies construction on site.

Greater predictability, better control and faster build-time, that is on average 25-30% shorter than brick and block. With brickwork removed from the critical path, other trades can be working as soon as the frame is up and not dependent on completion of brickwork.

As one of the most popular building techniques used the world over, timber frame is recognised as the most environmentally friendly way to build.

Timber is a natural, totally renewable resource, supplied from well-managed softwood forests, mostly in Scandinavia but also from the UK and Canada. Frames are insulated with CFC free insulation, and can easily be specified to a level that far exceeds the requirements of Building Regulations.

In short, they heat up very quickly which means they cost less to run, similarly in the summer the insulation keeps them cool and comfortable to live in.